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About Our Clinics

The history of this practice dates back nearly 30 years when Dr. Dustan Osborn established his first practice in Olympia, Chehalis, and surrounding towns in Washington State.  We are a specialty clinic for management of care and treatment for oncologic and hematologic disease and disorders. We provide consultations, diagnostic evaluations, follow-up care and treatments at our clinics in Chehalis and Olympia, as well as in-hospital care. Patients are recommended and referred to us by family care providers, internal medicine doctors, or other specialty physicians.

Our experienced team consists of receptionists, referral coordinator, nurses and medical assistants, nurse practitioner, and physicians who specialize in chemotherapy treatment and possible side effects of treatment, and counseling to reduce side effects and improve your quality of life. Our team is proactive in obtaining insurance authorizations, coordination of complex evaluations, and help with the many personal and social issues that arise for the cancer patient and their family. Many of our staff has worked with Dr. Osborn for 10 or more years.

The philosophy of Osborn Cancer Care is to provide state of the art treatments for patients with blood disorders and cancer. We believe that timely access to our practice is critical. Emergency care is provided on a same day basis and patients can see Dr. Osborn or Marles Geist. Initial consultations are performed by Dr. Osborn. He will also establish each patient’s treatment plan. Marles will provide follow-up care and triage of emergency situations.

We appreciate our staff very much.  We said a sad so long to our scribe, Mike, with best of luck to him in Med school.

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Oncology/Hematology Specialist serving Olympia & Chehalis, Washington.